xMask Care and Use


Many have recently read or heard controversial headlines questioning the safety of valved masks, and guidelines issued by the CDC to avoid.  Be assured, our xMask products offer full 2-way, KN95-certified filtration on inhalation and exhalation to provide superior protection to the wearer and general public. The xMask was designed to include fasteners to attach the replaceable high performance, certified filters to the mask shell - these filtered fasteners are not exhaust valves.   


For fitting, it is better protection if snug fit / tighter velcro strap adjustment.  You should feel the filter collapse around your face during inhalation.  We suggest to tighten the strap in crowded area, and consider loosening a bit if outside or more sparsely populated.  Also, the nose clip can be slightly adjusted.


Each sealed package contains one mask with an installed filter and 2 fasteners, and one spare filter.  Though we follow protective guidelines, for hygiene purposes, we strongly encourage removing the filter and fastener, and hand-washing or machine washing (cold, gentle cycle) the mask shell before use.  

To clean:

  1. Don’t machine wash or bake the plastic fasteners or filters. The plastic fasteners are easily unscrewed - like a nut and bolt.  1/4 turn on the interior piece should unlock. See below video on "How to Change xMask Filters".   


  1. The filters can be periodically sanitized and refreshed in direct sunlight for a few hours.  Do not microwave filters. They have special melt blown layers which could be damaged in the microwave.  
  1. To clean and disinfect mask shells (without filter and fasteners), machine wash on gentle cycle, or hand wash.  It’s best to air dry.  You can also hand wash the mask after soaking in a bowl with liquid dish soap and water for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and air dry.   
  1. Treat the plastic fasteners gently to avoid dislodging or tearing thin diaphragm!  These can be soaked in soapy water for a few minutes, then gently rinsed and air dried. 

  2. The filters should be replaced periodically, and usage may vary depending on air quality and wearer handling.  We suggest replacing filters about every 100-hours of usage.  Each new filter contains a small perforated circular filter cutout for the fasteners.  The fastener filter should also be replaced, though will typically last much longer then the main filter.  See below video on "How to Change xMask Fastener Filters".